"See The Good.
Be The Good.
Receive The Good."





Patience and her husband, Alex Murray, owner of W.O.W. Ice Co, at the red carpet premiere of their Emmy-Nominated Docu-series, "Sincerely, Patience."

Patience Murray is the author of the critically acclaimed book "Survive Then Live," where she recounts her experience as a mass shooting survivor and teaches everyone how to see the good in any challenging situation. Most people would have folded in her shoes, but Patience shows us all how to make the shift from a victim mentality to a champion mindset.

Patience is also a published Poet, Podcast Host, Public Speaker, Singer-Songwriter and Live Event and Digital Content Curator. She received her B.S. in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. Following her enchanting Emmy-nominated Docu-series with her husband, Alex, called "Sincerely, Patience," and successful radio tour with The Moth, she has dedicated her creativity to helping deserving organizations and businesses implement innovative storytelling strategies to help expand their impact. Now she plans on helping faith-based female entrepreneurs, overcome their fears of the unknown and find their true purpose in life by providing resources, curating unique events and digital content that enlightens, entertains and empowers them to find their passion. Patience has a gift for bringing out the best in others, she believes that igniting hope is her true purpose in life.



Support Patience by grabbing your own copy of her book or gifting it to a friend who may need a gentle reminder of resilience.

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Patience wants to help you uncover your true gifts by understanding the power of resilience and gratitude. The challenges of life never stop coming. Patience can teach you how to overcome them all to win big in life, and get double for your trouble!